Newborn session

Booking: I recommend you book your session is while you are still pregnant. I will reserve a time slot around your due date.

Obviously however the actual date of the session will not be known until your baby arrives. Within 48 hours of giving birth give us a yell and we will confirm a date that is suitable for you.

It is never too early to book a session and of course you can get in touch at anytime if you have any quieries. If you have only just discovered Minky Photography shortly after giving birth then all is not lost and I will do my best to fit you in however priority always goes to existing bookings.

Session: Sessions are done in my natural light home studio. Sessions are typically 2-3 hours (up to 4 hours). Please note the perfect age for a newborn shoot is when your baby is BETWEEN 5 - 12 DAYS OLD.

Under 2 weeks newborns still have that magical womb like behaviour that allows their fresh miraculous newborn look to be captured undisturbed. With only a window of a few days you have only one chance to capture that moment before it passes you by.

Maternity session

Maternity or pregnancy sessions run for up to 2 hours and include time for up to 3 changes of clothing.

Maternity sessions can either be done at your home, called lifestyle sessions or on location, at a beach or parkland for example.

Your maternity session can include other people who are important in your life and your baby’s life including your partner, other children, parents or friends and even pets (depending on location)

Dedicated session

I shall be delighted to arrange photo shoots of different types (portrait, family, etc).
I invite you to view the gallery in which sample sessions made for our customers have been presented.

Details regarding such sessions will be individually arranged - the place, the time, and other features will be adjusted to your needs. Please contact us by phone or by filling out the contact form.

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